Coaching/Wellness and Yoga Retreats 

Customized Coaching and Yoga programs to assist with life transformation in all areas of your life. 90 day, 12 month coaching programs, evidence based habit intervention to assist with sustainable and long term weight loss, and positive results in other areas of life. Programs also includes being part of private Facebook Group with additional support. 

Why Choose us?

Athena’s Exodus is a very unique company, which combines evidence based coaching and consulting programs with other modalities such as yoga, nutrition support/consultation. International retreats also available that you can book to get away and be part of the Athena’s Exodus community to practice yoga, and enrol in a 90 day health habits program to assist with longevity, destress, and transform your life. 


Athena’s Exodus is a company that have coaching programs and consulting expertise to assist with client transformation of all areas of their life. Instead of staying stuck or in constant relapse cycles unable to move forward with goals, vision purpose and direction. Athena’s Exodus also partners with other businesses that also provide solutions/services that creates positive results in each client’s personal/business life. 



Health Habit for Longevity Programs

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Sales Consulting/Business Development

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International Retreat Leader

Book an International Retreat for 2023 onward, to restore, rejuvenate and vision planning/goal setting in personal and business life. Create balance and the life you want to live! 


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Go beyond the day to day routine, and set a new course and direction for your life. Hop on board, and we help you navigate, stay focused, to achieve your goals, and live your best life! 

WHY Athena’s Exodus? 

We spend time with you so that you become very clear on YOUR Why? Why Athena’s Exodus? We understand that each client is unique, and there is no cookie cutter solution for everyone. There are a number of programs/services we offer, and after a very thorough assessment we customize solutions that resonate and align with your goals/direction for all areas of life.