Yoga Mats and Yoga Wear


A blend of premium quality Mediterranean cork and
natural rubber, also called Para rubber, Indian rubber
or caoutchouc, is 100% eco friendly

The Cork tree is considered a blessing within its towering
strength. It is believed that the cork tree is to be honored for
its endurance, and noble presence. A tree that always gives
the most organic product, it’s bark. She regenerates her
bark and supports many families during the harvest. This
harvest Is a perfect alternative material to plastic and
rubber. Cork is sustainable, eco-friendly, antimicrobial and

Natural Rubber is an elastic substance obtained from the
latex sap of trees, especially those trees which belong to the
genera Hevea and Ficus. The sap is tapped in large rubber
farms in Kerala.

Both these natural ingredients are machine blended and
laid to multiple sheets to create a block which is cured at a
set temperature for 24 Hrs.
The block are then manually laid into sheets and processed
to finally be made into a yoga mat


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