About Athena’s Exodus

Business and Personal Consultant/ Coach, Yoga Teacher/Wellness Retreats in Greece

The majority of clients that I have worked with as both a Dietitian and Coach, come initially feeling frustrated, as a result of repeated attempts at achieving optimal balance in life, health and wellness, whether it be to lose weight, increase activity, and just feel more healthy. 

We are dedicated in providing  the best and highest quality Lifestyle and sustainable balance for longevity programs, products and services.

I knew deep down that I wanted to have a Greece theme in my business name, and also an empowering word, and I was at the Acropolis, and  museums, and narrowed it down to Athena, yesss! that’s it:)

I chose the word Exodus to go with the word and theme of Athena as I knew that my business will provide a way out, a sense of freedom, or a new beginning, a fresh mindset, through the products and services being offered. For all people,  wanting to transform their lives, there is a way out from the old, predictable ways to a new start in all areas of their life. So Exodus, meaning ” a way out” and escape from the challenges/struggles/conditions, and walking across the bridge to a life of energy, dreams, balance, harmony, abundance, and expansion. 

Hence the name Athena’s Exodus Balance and Longevity Coaching and  Consulting company

The tools, resources, coaching, and other services provide clients with achieving optimal health and wellness goals, and also very helpful in creating balance in all areas of their lives! Ahh to travel, dream and have more energy and to connect with yourself again and others.

 Since 2020 

Athena’s Exodus has been coaching and consulting with clients, companies to assist with the life challenges and changes that have been happening the past several years.  Tired of being in the same situations year after year, struggling, and not able to move forward, reach out to us now and we can have a conversation to assess how we can be of help. 

Coach and Yoga Teacher

Nutrition consulting and 90 day/12+months coaching for sustainable long term weight loss and balance in life for longevity. 

Consultant and Business Development

Partner with Athena’s Exodus, sales and consulting contracts for improving your company sales performance and business development.

International Yoga Retreat Leader

Book Balance for Longevity/Yoga retreats with Athena’s Exodus, who partners with retreats held internationally.