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Life is filled with uncertainties. Fortunately, there is a way out and solutions that can help no matter where you are in life. Athena’s Exodus offers insurance and financial services from highly rated providers that can help prepare you for life’s milestones and protect you against the what-ifs.

Create the Life you Deserve

By booking a complimentary call, it is the first step. We will then set up a coaching session to discuss your current situation, and assess how we can be of assistance with a new beginning and direction that aligns with the life you want to create and deserve. 

Our Approach

Our proven workflow

Coaching programs tailored and customized beginning with goal setting and overall life assessment to get started 


Gain clarity on your current financial situation. What have you tried in the past to assist with your finances, and goals. What is working, and not working? 


A customized plan of approach and solutions aligned with your vision and goals for the future 


Accountability and support with a professional coach/financial advisors and having access to proven resources to keep you on the path of abundance and achieving your dreams 


Full Service Financial Planning

Financial Strategies: financial needs analysis, goal setting, and strategies to pursue your goals.

Insurance Protection

Retirement Strategies 

College Funding Plans

Business Planning

Estate Preservation 



Financial Analysis

Each year that goes by approaching your finances in the same manner results in the same results. Are you happy with the results? Need help gaining clarity on your approach? 

Financial Management

Check out how we can assist with financial management. 


Learn more about the access you gain in the area of investment 

Financial Protection

Learn more on how you can protect you and your family in the area of your finances.

I have struggled in this area of life and I am so grateful for the experience so that I am able to help others take the steps towards abundance, freedom in all areas of life including finances. 

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